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3M Aura Gen3


The new Aura™ 9300+ Gen3 disposable respirator series with the new 3M™ Cool Flow™ Comfort Valve with innovative film technology. Easier to use, improved comfort and enhanced durability!

3M Aura 9330+ GEN 3 FFP3 Unvalved Disposable Respirator
3M Aura 9332+ GEN3 FFP3 Valved Disposable Respirator



Greater breathing comfort


The 3M™ Cool Flow™ Comfort Valve is designed to release your hot, humid exhaled breath quickly, helping to prevent an unpleasant build up of heat inside the respirator - one of the most significant causes of discomfort to respirator wearers.


The Cool Flow™ Comfort Valve opens 37% easier than the original 3M Cool Flow™ Valve. This results in 36%, 56% or 185% additional exhaled air passing through the valve with the 9300+Gen3 series compared to its predecessor the Aura™ 9300+ (results compare FFP3, FFP2, FFP1 products respectively). Therefore the Cool Flow™ Comfort Valve helps deliver a cooler breathing experience and greater wearer comfort, making the 9300+Gen3 valved respirators ideal for long periods of wear, especially where conditions are hot, humid or physically demanding.


Easier to position


Disposable respirators are only effective when there is a good seal between the edges of the respirator and your face. The instant this seal is broken, protection is compromised as contaminated air can leak in through any gaps. The fitting instructions must be followed each time you put on a respirator.

3M Fitting Process
3M Fitting Process
3M Fitting Process

Anti-counterfeit solution

Know it’s genuine. Protecting people is your top priority. The 9300+Gen3 products include 3M’s NEW Safe Guard™ Product Authentication Process.


Comfort and durability

The NEW colour-coded braided headbands were chosen to enhance durability without compromising comfort. Large soft nose foam material and smooth inner coverweb both feel incredibly soft on the skin and help to create a comfortable environment for the face.