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Worker Emergency Universal Fit ID

Code: 343287
Worker Emergency Universal Fit ID
Size: 60 x 30mm

Product Details

Worker Emergency Universal Fit ID

New and Improved - The Universal Fit ID WSID-05 has been fully redesigned for maximum durability and versatility.  it can be used in a wide range of industries by first responders and paramedics in the event of an accident or a medical emergency.  is easily fitted to belts, harnesses, back packs, boots, shoes, hard hats or zippers etc. Durable as it withstands hard use and extremes of temperature. Flexible in how it is used, easily moved between uses. Easy to keep updated with your latest information. Shock cord and ID card can be replaced. Made from durable / tough materials. Has the largest storage capacity of all of the worker safety range products.

Manufacturer Vital ID Manufacturer Code WSID05