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3M Peltor Lite-Com Plus Communication Headset
Code: 254368
3M Peltor Lite-Com Plus Communication Headset
Colour: Black
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Product Details
3M Peltor Lite-Com Plus Communication Headset

Conforms to  EN352-2 H=35 M=32 L=25 SNR=34. The LiteCom Plus boasts the same great featuresas the standard LiteCom and adds extra protection by reducing loud noises and amplifying weak ones,protecting the wearer and making it possible for them to hear colleagues whilst protecting them fromharmful noise.  Several users can communicate individually using the same channel over a 1 kilometre range. Amplifies weak sounds; reduces sudden impulse noises at harmful levels.  It’s easy to connect a smartphone or external communication radio via cable. Connect an MP3 player or FM radio.
Typical Applications: When communication is vital.  Intermittent and sudden noise that can’tbe predicted. Team-working, dispersed teams. Communicate with different people or groups of people e.g. Construction site 
Benefits: Improves safety. A failsafe communication technique, hands free, multi-user communication for complete flexibility. 1km range. Reduces loud noise and amplifies quiet noise (e.g. speech) automatically.

Manufacturer 3M Manufacturer Code MT7H7A4410-EU