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The depletion of the ozone layer and a reduction in cloud cover are only a small number of factors contributing to a high UV rating. The ozone layer acts as the Earth’s natural shield from UV rays. As a result, we need to be much more vigilant protecting our eyes.

If the correct precautions are not taken, we expose ourselves to a myriad of risks associated with eye damage. In the short term this will present as sore or irritated eyes after extended exposure to the sun. Long term risks include and are not limited to, photo keratitis, formation of cataracts and pterygia as well as eye cancers.


Outdoor use only. Filters UVA and UVB (99,99%). It provides maximum protection from solar radiation.

Smoke Lenses


Protect yourself ! Safety and your eyesight is worth investing in! The only choice is Bolle Safety!

Bolle SILEX SMOKE Safety spectacles
Bolle SILEX CLEAR Safety spectacles


Bolle SILEX SMOKE Safety Spectacles

Code: 293028


Bolle SILEX CLEAR Safety spectacles

Code: 293013