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CleanWorks ProClean Microfibre Cloths are highly absorbent, premium cloths which can be used for spray and wipe and pre-wetted cleaning. The fine fibres of the microfibre cloth penetrate the surface at a finer level than normal fibres, removing higher levels of dirt, dust and bacteria. Microfibre cloths are long-lasting as they can be machine washed up to 300 times and reused making them a more sustainable choice over single-use wipes. As they can be used dry or damp the need for chemicals is reduced.

They have exceptional cleaning properties and microscopic particle pick-up due to their fine fibres which include bacteria and pathogens harbouring microparticles. Delivering a 99% surface clean without the use of chemical agents and therefore no need for PPE when in use.

CleanWorks ProClean Microfibre cloths are high-performance and can absorb up to 7 times their weight in liquid, ideal for a demanding professional user. They are a large 40cm x 40cm cloth which is available in four different colours which enable end users to comply with common colour coding practices and minimise cross-contamination.