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Whether it is hard or wood polished floors, carpets or mats, we offer a range of effective floor cleaning and preservative products. For hard and wooden floors, there is also a range of floor treatments to strip, polish and maintain together with anti-slip products.

15 Products found

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Size 430mm (17"), Colour Black

Size 430mm (17"), Colour Green

Size 430mm (17"), Colour Blue

Size 430mm (17"), Colour Red

Size 430mm (17"), Colour White

Size 405mm (16"), Colour Black

Size 405mm (16"), Colour Green

Size 405mm (16"), Colour Blue

Size 405mm (16"), Colour Red

Size 405mm (16"), Colour White

Size 380mm (15"), Colour Black

Size 380mm (15"), Colour Green

Size 380mm (15"), Colour Blue

Size 380mm (15"), Colour Red

Size 380mm (15"), Colour White
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15 Products found