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AdBlue Easy Pour 10 Litre Vehicle Pack


AdBlue Easy Pour 10 Litre Vehicle Pack

Code: 710147


£13.00 Each (ex. VAT)

£15.60 inc. VAT
Size 10 Litres
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AdBlue Easy Pour 10 Litre Vehicle Pack

Adblue® is a high purity non-toxic solution of Urea in demineralised water used in the exhaust systems of Euro4 or Euro5 trucks to reduce harmful emissions. Adblue® is a trade mark owned by the VDA, most truck manufacturers use the SCR system which requires Adblue®. To protect the SCR system the vehicle manufacturers have issued a specification standard ISO 22241 for the quality of Adblue®.

Adblue® is stored in a separate tank on the vehicle. It is precisely metered into the hot exhaust manifold where the urea solution breaks-down into Ammonia and reacts with exhaust gasses in the presence of a catalytic converter. The oxides of nitrogen formed at combustion are converted into harmless elementary nitrogen and water. This method is called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). 
It is a common misconception that Adblue® is a fuel additive. AdBlue® solution (Urea and water) reduces harmful emissions from diesel engines using SCR technology. 
WavianBlue AdBlue® is manufactured to ISO22241 standards in the  UK under VDA Licence using only the highest quality Automotive Grade Urea and de-ionised Water

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Manufacturer Green Valley Industrial Supplies
Manufacturer Code 710147

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