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SpartanPro Woven Geotextile


SpartanPro Woven Geotextile Size:4.5 x 100m

Code: 604700


£224.48 Roll (ex. VAT)

£269.38 inc. VAT
Size 4.5x100m
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SpartanPro Woven Geotextile

GT908 is a geotextile membrane manufactured from extruded slit-film polypropylene tapes, which are resistant to all naturally occurring soil acids and alkalis and unaffected by bacteria and fungi. It’s woven construction delivers high-tensile strength, making it particularly suitable for use in separation layers. One of the largest selling general Geotextiles used in the UK. Durability: predicted to be durable for minimum of 25 years in natural soils with 4pH<9pH and soil temperature <25ºC (to be covered within two weeks of installation).  Resistant to all naturally occuring soil acids and alkalis and
unaffected by bacteria and fungi.  Its woven construction delivers a high-tensile strength, making it of
particular use in separation layers. Function; reinforcement, stabilisation, separation, filtration, drainage. Application; roadways, car parks, haulage yards, working platforms. Easy to handle and install. Weight: 70g/m2. Length: 4.5×100m roll

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Manufacturer Spartan
Manufacturer Code 167708

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