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Magic Ice Melt SPP 100 Granules

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Magic Ice Melt SPP 100 Granules

Code: 500260

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Magic Ice Melt SPP 100 Granules

Stronger product than the MIMO granules, effective to -25ºC, a less corrosive alternative to rock salt. Magic Ice Melt is a free flowing, rapid action de-icer which comes in the shape of white granules. Magic Ice Melt is completely harmless to both animals and humans, so you can rest assured if children or pets are around it. Magic Ice Melt is also noncorrosive to fabrics, glass and metals; meaning it
can be applied without the need to wear any form of protective clothing. The ability to flow freely allows Magic Ice Melt to be applied sparingly, meaning a bag will last much longer than the equivalent weight in rock salt. Offers up to 6 x the coverage of salt and is completely non-corrosive to metals and
reinforced concrete, non-toxic to humans, animals and vegetation, and is clean and easy to apply. Useful hint: Apply Magic Ice Melt before snow falls to prevent snow from settling and to prevent
the formation of ice.

Manufacturer Details

Manufacturer LNT Solutions
Manufacturer Code SPP100

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