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Emergency First Aid Solutions for Key Workers


Emergency First Aid Solutions for Key Workers

With each passing day, the UK population is having to adapt to changes in their lifestyle and working patterns which only a few weeks ago would have seemed implausible. Key workers providing fundamental services have had to quickly adjust to social distancing measures in the workplace. Meanwhile, key workers in service roles are sitting round dining tables balancing the demands of homeschooling and entertaining the children while trying to maintain their incomes amidst a global healthcare and economic crisis.

As government policy becomes increasingly stringent to try and reduce the rates of transmission and flatten the curve of recorded cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19), an emphasis has quite rightly been placed on effective handwashing and increased PPE provision. In times of national emergency, it is vital not to lose sight of the role of first aid in protecting the welfare and resilience of the workforce who are maintaining our essential services.

Data published by the NHS, shows that in the financial year 2018-19, there were 24.8 million attendances in Accident and Emergency throughout the UK. Even with NHS contingency planning, this is a number that public servants and healthcare professionals need to see reduced if they are to stand a chance of managing anything close to the levels of critical care patients we are currently seeing in Southern Europe. Maintaining effective first aid practices at work helps to reduce the requirements for emergency care wherever possible, and can only benefit an already overstretched healthcare system.

Greenham offer a wide range of first aid solutions to support every key worker whether they are working in isolation at home or socially distanced onsite.

One simple solution meeting regulatory requirements


Having the equipment to deal with minor injuries in the home is only part of the solution. Not every member of staff currently working from home will have received any form of first aid training. The British Red Cross claim that only 5% of UK adults have the skills and confidence to provide first aid in emergency situations. This becomes increasingly relevant in the context of the increased burden of childcare on many households since the closure of all UK schools on March 20th.

Quality educational resources from respected providers is essential in building confidence to provide immediate and effective first aid. All kits supplied by Greenhams include easy-to-follow first aid guidance leaflets.


First Aid Kit
KeepSAFE Compact First Aid Burns Kit - Code: 254960; Double Eye Wash First Aid Kit - Code: 254699
Spectra Workplace First Aid System - Code: 9100; Spectra Eye Wash First Aid System - Code: 9102; Spectra Bum First - Code: 9103; Spectra Biohazard First Aid System - Code: 9104; Spectra AED First Aid System - Code: 9105;


Reliance Medical BS 8599-1 Integral Aura Small First Aid Kit

Reliance Medical BS 8599-1 Integral Aura Medium First Aid Kit

Reliance Medical BS 8599-1 Integral Aura Large First Aid Kit

Product Code: 254813

Product Code: 254814

Product Code: 254815


KeepSAFE Compact First Aid Burns Kit

Product Code: 254960








Reliance Medical Reliwash Double Eye Wash First Aid Kit

Product Code: 254699








KeepSAFE Single Person First Aid Kit -  Code: 254867
KeepSAFE Van and Truck Kit
Lyon Fast Response First Aid Kit -  Code: 254968


KeepSAFE First Aid Kit HSE Single Person

Product Code: 254867


KeepSAFE Van and Truck First Aid Kit

Product Code: 254809


Reliance Medical Lyon Fast Response First Aid Kit

Product Code: 254968

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