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Our Bodyguard GORE-TEX garments with Gore fabrics provide maximum comfort combined with the highest protection level and fulfills European safety standard EN ISO 20471.

Through extensive research and rigorous testing, GORE-TEX has merged the science of protection and comfort to provide amazing constructions and technologies that give a broad range of end users the confidence and peace of mind that they need whilst carrying out their duties.

Each step of the process, from specialist expertise of market requirements to the construction of waterproof and breathable materials - follows meticulous manufacturing standards.

The Gore Protective Fabrics performance and safety standards often surpass those set by specific industries. Rigorous testing is applied to all garments ensuring extraordinary product performance in the toughest working conditions.

GORE-TEX fabrics are known for their durable waterproofness over their entire lifetime, even after contamination, they are also totally windproof so the fabrics preserve the body's microclimate and keep the wearer consistently comfortable. The unsurpassed comfort of GORE-TEX fabrics comes from their excellent breathability, allowing sweat vapour to escape and are long lasting - even after exposure to tough conditions.

The advanced fabric technologies are designed to meet the requirements of professionals, their workplaces and unexpected changes on the job, especially where they are at risk of being exposed to adverse conditions or hazardous substances. No matter what conditions are experienced the meticulous manufacturing standards and commitment to 'Fitness for Use' ensure superior protection, consistent high quality and a long-life span.

The GORE-TEX membrane is an extremely thin layer of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE). It has over 1.4 billion microscopic pores per cm2. It's these pores that give the GORE-TEX fabric its core benefits.

The membrane comes in various constructions with benefits selected for their end use. For example, the 2 layer emphasises comfort and versatility, and can also be combined with insulation for added warmth. The 3-layer construction features enhanced durability but remains lightweight.

It works in 3 simple steps:

1. Water stays out

GORE-TEX fabrics withstand water-entry pressures encountered during severe weather and in tough conditions.

2. No Wind Chill

Air impermeability has been engineered to ensure GORE-TEX fabrics are totally windproof.

3. Sweat Can Escape.

To avoid uncomfortable sweat build up, the GORE-TEX membrane allows the evaporating moisture to escape through the fabric.