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Head Protection Information

Safety Helmet Retractable Eyeshield

Get The Right Protection….

Safety helmets are required where there is a risk of injury from falling objects. The EN 397 standard specifies the performance requirements for safety helmets.

Bump Caps or scalp protectors may be used where there is a risk of accidental bumping of the head, for example where there are low overhead pipes and confined spaces. Bump caps are not a substitute for safety helmets and must not be used to protect against the risk of falling objects.

The Full Range - We Have It Covered….

Greenham offers a wide range of head protection for all working environments. From bump caps and standard safety helmets through to helmets where specialist protection is required such as forestry, molten metal or chemical splash resistance. Safety helmets can even be fitted with visors for eye protection and clip-in ear defenders for hearing protection.

Greenham offers a helmet branding service for personalisation with a company name or logo.

European Standards

EN 397 Safety Helmets
Optional Standards within EN 397
-20°/-30° Offers some protection within this temperature range
440V a.c. Short term protection when in accidental contact with live electrical conductors up to this voltage
LD Lateral compression loads provides added side strength
MM Molten metal splash (unvented helmets only)
F Flame resistant
EN 812 Bump caps