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Honeywell CoreShield™ cut protection offers a solution for a wide range of applications across most industries, including manufacturing, automotive, metal stamping, glass handling, construction, logistics and now, with CoreShield™ Double, also for oily and greasy environments.

With gauge ranging from 10-18gg, cut levels from A/A1 – F/A9 and a choice of coatings, the Honeywell CoreShield™ family offers a solution that is skin-friendly, thereby enhancing the wellbeing of the worker.

Honeywell CoreShield™ gloves are silicone free, utilise skin-friendly yarns that reduce allergy risks and are certified to OEKO-TEX® standard 100. as well as being touchscreen resistive and capacitive.

Forget about double-gloving or changing hand protection two to three times a day due to oil saturation: The liquid repellent thin Nitrile base layer integrated into the CoreShield™ Double models guarantees that no water or oil will come in touch with the skin.

Honeywell CoreShield™ cut protection stands out in the crowd when it comes to launderability. It has been tested to 5 washing cycles with no change in performance and no change in size. This feature of not only enables you to save money through less frequent replacements, but also helps your business reduce waste. The resulting durability and longevity of Honeywell CoreShield™ can contribute to the achievement of business sustainability goals and environmental targets.