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Honeywell Hand Protection Rig Rog™


That’s why we revolutionized hand protection: Rig Dog™

We drew from our years of experience in industrial workplaces to innovate Honeywell Rig Dog™ gloves. No matter whether you work in oil and gas, mining, construction, or another high-risk job, Rig Dog™ has a patented design that provides the comfortable, heavy-duty protection and dexterity your team needs to work confidently and effectively.

Rig Dog™ gloves have layers specially designed for comfort. The layer of knitted fabric with foam inside serves as the substrate of TPR on the back of the glove to provide comfort. The inner layer offers moisture absorption and a quick dry function to quickly absorb sweat and keep hands dry. Using innovative foam-knitted fabric and real-world feedback, Rig Dog™ gloves are designed with an emphasis on the wearer’s comfort, even during long, demanding shifts. Because they can’t keep workers protected, if workers don’t want to keep them on.

Honeywell’s patented Honeycomb structured thermoplastic rubber (TPR) offers you enhanced impact protection and energy absorption on the back of the hand without compromising dexterity and comfort.


Introducing Rig Rog™. Enhanced Impact Protection and Comfort


Workers at high-risk job sites need tough hand protection. Rig Dog gloves are uniquely engineered to provide better safety and protection against impact, cut and abrasion risks. Plus, they have enhanced oil-grip. Rig Dog gloves are tough, but comfortable, keeping safety on the hands that need it most.


Watch this video to gain rapid insight into the benefits each model offers you.



Honeywell Rig Dog Xtreme

Anti-Impact Cut Level F Glove

Code: 303388


Honeywell Rig Dog Waterproof

Anti-Impact Cut Level F Glove

Code: 303399


Honeywell Rig Dog Cold Protect

Anti-Impact Cut Level F Glove

 Code: 303389


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