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Honeywell Verishield


Honeywell VeriShield™ 100 Series Passive Earmuffs have many benefits that include:

• A lightweight cushioned headband that adjusts to fit a wide range of head sizes

• Wide cup opening that accommodates larger ears and hearing aids

• Memory foam ear cushions to reduce squeezing pressure

A choice of styles and attenuation levels makes it easy to find the perfect earmuffs for an appropriate level of protection and comfort.

Available in Over-the-Head, Hard Hat and Hi-Vis options, VeriShield™ 100 Series Passive Earmuffs provide optimum comfort and protection, making them earmuffs you and your workers will want to wear.

Verishield Smart Hearing Solution


Visualise, analyse, report and share data – to protect employees, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Noise is invisible, but the VeriShield Smart Hearing Solution shows you visible evidence of exposure. It continuously collects noise exposure data from employees’ hearing protection equipment and then integrates it into a unified platform for viewing.

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