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Paper towels are the most hygienic option for hand drying


Caring about your employees means delivering a hygienic and safe workplace and one of the most impactful ways to promote a cleaner work environment is a hygienic washroom.


Why is washroom hygiene important?


Poor washroom hygiene can expose employees and guests to microbes that can cause sickness. Did you know that 95% of adults don’t wash their hands long enough to remove bacteria and germs, that can remain on hands after washing?


We know that hand washing is critical to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs, but did you know that Hand Drying is an important part in overall hand hygiene?


The science behind good hand hygiene is clear: single use paper towels are the most effective and hygienic way to dry your hands. Compared to Jet Air Dryers and other hand drying options, single-use paper towels are recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Mayo Clinic Proceedings as the best hand drying method for good hand hygiene.

The World Health Organisation recommends single use paper towels in its patient safety instructions for health care workers


A recent study found people had 42% more bacteria on their fingers and 15% more on their palms after using a jet air dryer1 but drying your hand with a paper towel can remove up to 77% of the bacteria that remains on hands after washing.2


The inner surfaces of a jet air dryer can harbour 48 times more bacteria than found on a toilet seat.1 and Faecal bacteria, E. Coli and staph have all been found on jet air dryers1


Paper towels are the recommend and preferred hand drying option. According to the Mayo Clinic Proceedings review paper, “…given the strong preference for using paper towels, hand hygiene adherence would possibly decrease if paper towels are not available in washrooms.” 3 During a study in 2016 when faced with a choice of drying methods, 90% of people chose paper towels over jet air dryers in the restroom.4



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