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Everything you need to know about Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves

Laundry detergent sheets are a revolutionary new form, that's small, light and versatile. Whether your customer aims to cut their energy costs, single-use plastic and CO2 emissions, or have speciality garments and fabric to clean, laundry detergent sheets are a great option.

Sheets are a condensed laundry detergent format, containing no liquid, that goes straight into the drum of the washing machine and dissolves in water, leaving no residue. Dissolved at low temperatures, sheets are perfect for both machine and handwashing. Detergent sheets deliver a great wash and are gentler on fibres than traditional formats.

Space Saving

Up to 16 times smaller and lighter than traditional formats, sheets save on space both in storage and in transport. 1 pallet of Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves equates to 12 pallets of liquid detergent in plastic bottles.

Plastic Reduction

With plastic-free packaging and a reduced packet size, laundry detergent sheets can drastically reduce both plastic packaging and related CO2 emissions. Following the example in the 'Space saving' section, 1 pallet of Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves contains no plastic, where-as the equivalent 12 pallets of liquid in plastic packaging contains 208kg of plastics, equalling 462kg of CO2 emissions.

Specialist Fabrics

Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves deliver a highly efficient clean, whilst remaining kind of fibres. This makes them ideal for washing speciality fabrics such as microfibres and high-vis materials. The fine microfibres easily clog, making them difficult to clean. With detergent sheets, microfibres can easily be cleaned with no fear of clogging. Traditional formats, such as powder, can have an adverse effect on high-vis materials, due to their abrasive granules, which is easily avoided with detergent sheets.