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Spills and fluid leaks in a work environment, whether indoor or outdoor cause contamination incidents leading to environmental impacts and front page news. Preventing spills in the industry from causing damage is serious business, because spill control and containment is a legal requirement for businesses across the UK.


Lubetech absorbents help industry protect itself from the dangers of fluid spills of all kinds, preventing potentially harmful fluids from contaminating the environment. Costly to the industry in today's heavily-regulated environmental framework, no business can afford to be complacent.


Every business must be compliant. 



Our products are simple to use and provide you with confidence when dealing with spill control instances.

Become one of the many customers experiencing the quality of Lubetech products which recognises the highest standards of spill control helping you to reduce the risks associated with harm to the environment.


Absorbency Pads / Rolls / Socks
Spill Kits 15 litres up to 900 Litres
Spill Containment Spill Trays / Pallets / Storage


Absorbency Pads / Rolls / Socks

Covering the 3 main absorbency categories of oil, chemical and maintenance. A complete range of high-quality spill control absorbents.


Spill Kits 15 litres up to 900 Litres

Lubetech kits are a core component in everyday spill control. Each kit includes a variety of essentials products such as pads, rolls, socks and pillows all in one place to tackle your spill instances.


Spill Containment Spill Trays / Pallets / Storage

Alongside absorbents and spill kits, spill containment is the primary tool for safe and comprehensive environmental compliance.

Lubetech Roll
Luetech Pads
Lubetech Wipes


Lubetech Spilfyter Universal High-Visibility Roll

Multi-use combining absorbent with a caution/ warning sign

Code: 534302


Lubetech Spilfyter Univeral High-Visibility Pad

High-Visibility print layer, strong and tear resistant

Code: 534305


Lubetech Spilfyter Universal High-Visibility Grab & Go Wipes

Dual layered strong and durable. Portable dispenser.

Code: 534306

High-Visibility Absorbent Rolls, Pads & Wipes
Our Onsite Maintenance Solution