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Traffic barrier systems for complete road and site safety


Whether the requirement is to redirect, separate or delineate traffic, protect pedestrians from moving vehicles or provide a high-visibility presence. Our extensive range of safety barriers have been specifically designed to provide maximum strength and protection.


RB2000 Heavy Duty Separator Barriers - Available in Red and White



Heavy duty separator barriers can be filled with water or ballast for complete road and site safety and security. It is 1m high, heavy duty and a low level containment barrier system.


The RB2000 can be weighted to 400kg when water filled creating a solid flat walled secure system. The patented 5-position interlocking system allows the barriers flow around the corners or uneven surfaces making it suitable for highways and site delineation.


For added safety and security anti-climb mesh and hoarding panels can be added Front and end stops are available to prevent trip hazards.


MIRA wind speed Test Results: 3 x RB2000 barriers (water filled) withstood wind speeds of up to 71mph.

Heavy Duty Separator Barrier Product Codes: 203010
RB2000 Heavy Duty Separator Barrier White Code: 203011


RB2000 Heavy Duty Separator Barrier Red

Code: 203010


RB2000 Heavy Duty Separator Barrier White

Code: 203011

Oakland Walk Through  Pedestrian Barrier
Oakland Crowd Barrier Raised Fixed Feet


Oaklands Plastics Walk Through Pedestrian Barrier

Connects to the temporary pedestrian barrier (200129) to make a safe controlled worker, crowd or high footfall pedestrian entrance/exit system. 


Designed to be used on construction sites, events, concerts or highly populated pedestrian zones that need to be safely accessed.



Code: 200128




Oaklands Plastics Crowd Barrier Raised Fixed Feet

A complete galvanised crowd barrier complete with two raised fixed feet.

This is a perfect barrier to guide pedestrians to stay in the area that is safe. The size of this barrier is 1100 x 2300mm which makes the perfect height for everyday crowd barrier.

It easily connects to other barrier systems to build a complete barrier system.

 Code: 200129



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