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Prevent Spread of Coronavirus
With news of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continuing to make headlines around the world, the need to tackle the spread of this deadly virus is greater than ever.

Guidance, education and knowledge are key to ensuring the safety of individuals and as such we can now offer a range of safety signs that covers the important topics related to Covid-19 in-cluding Guidance & Information, Hygiene & Policies and Self Isolation & Business Closure.

Guidance & Information


These safety signs and posters give advice of symptoms and the protocols to follow and to help prevent potentially infected visitors from entering your building.



Stop Coronavirus Information Poster

Code: 249783


Coronavirus Help Stop the Spread Poster

Code: 249019

Wear Masks Sign

Code: 249863


Masks Must be Worn Sign

Code: 249866



Masks Must be Worn Sign

Code: 249902





We can all do our part in helping to prevent the spread of this virus by following some simple practices such as washing our hands regularly and using and disposing of tissues when sneezing or coughing. These simple  practices significantly reduce bacteria.

Wash your Hands Sign

Code: 249906

Please Wash ONLY Hands Here Sign

Code: 249845



Please Wash your Hands Sign

Code: 249843



Now Wash your Hands Sign

Code: 249788



Prevent Wash your Hands Self Adhesive Sticker

Code: 249853



Prevent and Dispose of Tissues Self Adhesive Sticker

Code: 249785



Prevent Dispose of Tissues Self Adhesive Sticker

Code: 249851



Prevent and Dispose of Tissues Self Adhe-sive Sticker

Code: 249786



Catch it, Bin it, Kill It Self Adhesive Sticker

Code: 249854

Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus Self Adhesive Sticker

Code: 249784



Use Hand Sanitiser Sign

Code: 249791



Have No Tissues Do the Dab Poster

Code: 249015




First Aid Pandemic Flu Poster

Code: 249905






In the coming weeks, we will see the number of people self-isolating begin to rise. The  government has advised anyone over the age of 70 plus anyone showing symptoms of Coronavirus to self isolate and contact NHS24 (111).


Business Open Sign

Code: 249787

Sorry We're Closed Sign

Code: 249013


This range of safety signs and posters will help to reinforce the message being given by government and health professionals as we continue to try and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We are also able to produce custom messages if required – please contact your local Service Centre for a quote.


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