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Safety clothing against the dangers of harmful UV rays


Quality, reliability and innovation are the foundations upon which PULSAR®  have built its brand on. They do not settle for anything less than manufacturing and designing the best garments they possibly can.


This philosophy is perfectly summed up in their collection of Polo Shirts. The quality and reliability comes from the fact that all of their Polos have a SPF rating of 50+, and the innovation lies in the key features that PULSAR® have added to make sure that the wearer stays comfortable and cool as well as safe and visible from harmful UV rays - such as the underarm mesh ventilation and the stretchy reflective tape to ensure flexibility and manoeuvrability.


Providing maximum performance and protection alongside long-lasting comfort is PULSAR®'s number one philosophy. PULSAR® want to go the extra mile in order to go above and beyond the expectations of the wearer, allowing them to go ahead with their day to day tasks safe in the knowledge that they can trust the garments they are wearing.

PULSAR® Poloshirt Pulsar Hi-Vis Orange GO/RT 3279 Short Sleeve - Code: 014579
PULSAR® Pulsar Long Sleeve Polo Shirt - Code: 305120

PULSAR® Poloshirt GO/RT 3279 Short Sleeve Orange

  Code: 014579

PULSAR® Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

 Code: 305120

PULSAR® Shirt Polo 100% Polyester Long Sleeved EN471 CL3 Yellow - Code: 362506
PULSAR® P175 Pulsar Short Sleeve Polo High-Visibility Yellow - Code: 371053

PULSAR® Shirt Polo 100% Polyester Long Sleeved EN471 CL3 Yellow

 Code: 362506

PULSAR® Short Sleeve Polo High-Visibility Yellow

 Code: 371053

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