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Pulsar - High Performance Apparel


Quality, reliability and innovation are the foundations upon which PULSAR®  have built its brand on. They do not settle for anything less than manufacturing and designing the best garments they possibly can.


That is no different when it comes to PULSAR®'s workwear garments. From their Interactive 305023 Body Warmer which you can wear in 4 different ways - which goes up to 7 when you combine it with the 305034 Unlined Storm Coat - to the 305010 Combat Coverall which is Teflon coated in order to repel oil, dirt and light showers.


Providing maximum performance and protection alongside long-lasting comfort is PULSAR®'s number one philosophy. PULSAR® want to go the extra mile in order to go above and beyond the expectations of the wearer, allowing them to go ahead with their day to day tasks safe in the knowledge that they can trust the garments they are wearing.

Pulsar High-Visibility Rail Polycotton Coverall
Pulsar Hi-Vis Rail Teflon Coated Combat Trousers Regular


PULSAR® High-Visbility Rail Breathable Bomber Safety Jacket

Code: 305036



PULSAR® High-Visibility Rail Interactive Reversible Body Warmer

Code: 305023


Pulsar High-Visibility Rail Interactive Reversible BodyWarmer
Pulsar High Visbility Rail Breathable Bomber Safety Jacket

PULSAR® High-Visibility Rail Teflon Coated Combat Trousers Regular

Code: 305026


PULSAR® High-Visibility Rail Polycotton Coverall


Code: 305010


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