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Rock Fall Industry Defining Safety Footwear


The most highly specified standard in safety footwear is S3 SRC, with increasing importance placed on a Waterproof Membrane (WR) and more recently Metatarsal Protection (M).

It’s important to understand how footwear can have different temperature resistance properties, specifically heat insulation (HI) and cold insulation (CI) markings and what these mean for the wearer.

Starting with CI, which is most important for this time of year, the CI test method involves the whole boot being placed in a cold chamber and a temperature probe measuring the temperature reduction inside the boot. This simulation measures the warmth retained within the boot in cold conditions. The standard test is set at -17°C (with a 2°C tolerance) and the temperature decrease inside must be less than 10°C. This test can be modified as low as -40°C with the same reduction parameters. This marking means that the footwear is certified to keep customers feet warm in cold conditions and is an ideal standard to specify in the colder months.

Rack Fall Industry Defining Safety Footwear

Rock Fall Titanium | RF4500

Product Code: 102048  

EN ISO 20345:2011 


Rock Fall Slate | RF460 

Product Code: 100090

EN ISO 20345:2011 

EN ISO 20345:2011

Rock Fall Orlando | TC35

Product Code: 879097

EN ISO 20345:2011