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Rock Fall Safety Footwear


Rock Fall’s best selling range of safety boots feature highly durable FORCE10® solid nitrile rubber soles which have been advanced tested to extreme performance levels. They utilise advanced waterproofing materials from Activ-Tex® and Sympatex and then test them for a minimum of 8 hours all the way up to 100 hours, 74 times longer than the European requirement. Their advanced protection components include wider fitting, lighter weight fibreglass toecaps and a clever Impact Shield TPU metatarsal guard which is stitched into the tongue, it is stiff and rigid all the time but cleverly designed to be comfortable throughout the day.

Comfortable From The First Wear


The Ankle boots and High Leg boots cover a range of industries including Civil Engineering, Construction, Highways, Rail and Offshore and are designed to protect against a wide variety of risk factors including exposure to cold temperatures and falling objects on any part of the foot; they provide exceptional ankle support and slip resistance.

Rockfall Slate Code: 100090
Rockfall Rhyolite Code: 102024
Rockfall Ebonite Code: 100082


Rock Fall Slate Non-Metallic Waterproof Safety Boot with Midsole

Code: 100090


Rock Fall Rhyolite Metatarsal Non-Metallic Waterproof Safety Boot with Midsole

Code: 102024


Rockfall Ebonite Safety Boot with Midsole

Code: 100082

Rockfall Titanium Code:101106
Rockfall Monzonite Code:100085


Rock Fall Titanium Hi-Leg Waterproof Safety Boots

Code: 102048


Rockfall Texas 2 Fully Non-Metallic Rigger Boot with Midsole

Code: 101106


Rockfall Monzonite Hi-Leg Metatarsal Non-Metallic Waterproof Safety Boot with Midsole

Code: 100085