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  5. Eco-Fibre Round Side Plate 18CM (Case 1000)

Eco-Fibre Round Side Plate 18CM (Case 1000)

Code: 742826
Eco-Fibre 18cm Round Side Plate
Size: 180MM
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Eco-Fibre Round Side Plate 18CM (Case 1000)

The Eco-Fibre range is sustainable and made from 100% rapidly renewable and reclaimed resources. The range has a OK HOME COMPOST certification. The base material is a by-product of wheat (using the straw and not the grain) and is certified gluten free. Unbleached, it is preferable to paper and wood pulp and fits with the EU Environmental Policy; a directive which favours the use of agricultural waste. The product has an organic look and feel, which is the ideal complement to all food types. Water resistant to 100°C. Grease and oil resistant to 120°C. Cut resistant. The range will compost and can be disposed of with food waste.

Manufacturer Plastico Manufacturer Code 3201