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Tychem® Glove Line


Tychem® Glove Line for enhanced compatibility with our personal protective equipment range.

Chemical protective clothing goes beyond coveralls and masks. In response to feedback from multiple industries, the new Tychem® Glove Line features enhanced fastenings for use with our full product range.

The strong product line features multiple for protection against fire, chemicals and biohazards.

Tychem® Glove Line


Greenham offers the following range of products:

·       - Tychem® NT420 – a very resistant disposable glove and barrier to most oil grease and hydrocarbons. Perfect for jobs requiring chemical protection, while keeping dexterity. Recommended for food contact, laboratory and small parts handling.


·       - Tychem® NT470 –Bisque finish allows secure handling in wet and dry conditions. Unlined, with an ergonomic design to maximise comfort.


·       - Tychem® NT480 – Bisque finish allows secure handling in wet and dry consistents Flock-lined with an ergonomic design for enhanced comfort.


·       - Tychem® NP530 – double-dipped Neoprene over natural rubber for dexterity. Resistant to a wide range of chemicals.

 - Tychem® NP560 – Resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, caustics, solvents, greases and oil. Suitable for heavy duty work or applications involving prolonged exposure to the presence of solvent.


·       - Tychem® NP570CT – ideal protection where tasks present the dual risk of chemical exposure and cut. Provides level 5 cut protection and first-class defence against acids, caustics, solvents, grease and oil.

Tychem NT480 Code: 303077
Tychem NT470 Code: 303075
Tychem NT420 Code: 303071


Tychem® NT480

Code: 303077


Tychem® NT470

Code: 303075


Tychem® NT420

Code: 303071

Tychem NT570CT Code: 303069
Tychem NP530 Code: 303085
Tychem NP560 Code: 303087


Tychem® NT570CT

Code: 303069


Tychem® NP530

Code: 303085


Tychem® NP560

Code: 303087

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