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5.5 million workers are exposed to respiratory hazards in the workplace and research by both BSIF and HSE has highlighted concerns that RPE is not being effectively selected, used and maintained in a significant proportion of workplaces where a respiratory hazard exists, leaving workers at risk.


We not only supply the correct Respiratory Protection Equipment to deal with asbestos but offer a Face Fit Service to ensure the mask fits and meets EN standards. 

Fit testing of RPE facepieces


Fit testing of RPE facepieces


Current CoSHH regulations and associated ACOP require employers of wearers of tight-fitting facepieces to conduct a fit test to assess the degree of face seal leakage of that respirator to the wearer. Tight-fitting facepieces include disposable particulate respirators, half and full-face masks with filters. A fit test should also be conducted on powered and air-fed respirators which include a tight-fitting facepiece. If a full facepiece is being used the HSE recommends a Quantitative fit test be conducted. This is usually carried out by a suitably qualified outside agency or competent person. If any other device is used, e.g. filtering facepieces FFP1/2/3 or half-face mask respirators fitted with particulate or combined filter, a Qualitative test can be conducted, which is normally carried out ‘in-house’. For further information, please read the HSE document ‘Fit Testing of Respiratory Protective Facepieces HSE 282/28’.

 3M Face Fit Test Kits & Accessories

Each Kit contains a hood and collar assembly, two nebulisers, one bottle of sensitivity solution, one bottle of fit test solution, detailed user instructions and CD ROM, spare atomiser heads for the nebuliser, and pin for unblocking nebulisers.


Qualitative RPE Face Fit Test Kit for:

FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 filtering facepiecing

Half facemask respirators fitted with particulate or combined filters


 3M FT10 Face Fit Test Kit (Sweet)

Code: 290128


 3M FT30 Face Fit Test Kit (Bitter)

Code: 290129




3M™ FT11 Face Fit Test Kit

Replacement Sweet Sensitivity Solution

Code:  290139  


3M™ FT32 Face Fit Test Kit

Replacement Bitter Solution

Code:  290138   


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