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Wellbeing Through Safety | FaceFit Testing


14,500 lung disease and mesothelioma deaths each year are linked to past exposures at work.


We not only supply the correct Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE) to deal with asbestos but offer a Face Fit Service to ensure the mask fits the face and meets European Standards (EN).


Fit testing of RPE face pieces

Respirators do not always provide adequate protection. Poor fitting masks cause leakage which can harm the individual. Every face is unique which is why Current CoSHH regulations and associated ACOP require employers of wearers of tight-fitting face pieces to conduct a fit test to assess the degree of face seal leakage of that respirator to the wearer.

Tight-fitting face pieces include disposable particulate respirators, half and full-face masks with filters. A fit test should also be con-ducted on powered and air-fed respirators which include a tight-fitting face piece. If a full face piece is being used the HSE recom-mends a Quantitative fit test be conducted.

If any other device is used, e.g. filtering face pieces FFP1/2/3 or half-face mask respirators fitted with particulate or combined filter, a Qualitative test can be conducted, which is normally carried out ‘in-house’. For further information, please read the HSE document


Fit testing of RPE facepieces


The Solution We have access to over 26 BSIF Fit2Fit accredited associates in the UK and Ireland who provide unbiased, professional guidance in the correct selection of RPE requirements.


Qualitative Face Fit Testing

  •  Subjective testing
  •  Restricted to disposables and half masks with particulate filters only
  •  Not accurate enough for high efficiency masks


Quantitative Face Fit Testing

  •  Scientific approach
  •  Statistical accuracy
  •  Ability to test all tight fitting masks


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