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6.6 million working days were lost due to work-related musculoskeletal disorders in 2017/2018.


Our foot scanners provide a bespoke corrective insole solution which works to correct existing musculoskeletal disorders and is a form of preventative healthcare for employees.


The FootStop Service scanner helps prevent the injuries that can occur if the foot is loaded in the wrong way and therefore acts as preventative health care.


An analysis of your feet is easy and quick, you don’t even have to take your socks off. The canner records the measurements of your feet, the arch and the pressure load points in a few seconds.


You get the result immediately. The display shows how and where your feet are under load, as well as whether you have a low, medium or high arch.


JALAS® Insoles are made to prevent foot issues from occurring and provide arch support that provides rigidity and stability whilst also helping the foot to have a neutral position through the step.



Jalas Insole EDS Orange FSS Low Arch

Code: 170102


Jalas Insole EDS Green FSS Medium Arch

Code: 170101


Jalas Insole EDS Blue High Arch Size

Code:  170100



Jalas Drylock S3 Safety Boots


Code: 120100


Jalas E-Sport S3 Low-Cut Safety Shoe


Code: 120101


Jalas Sport S3 Mid-Cut Safety Boot


Code: 120102


Jalas Jupiter S3 Safety Boots


Code: 120104


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