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Wellbeing Through Safety | Prescription Eyewear
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4,000 Employees lose their vision every year.

By combining prescription lenses with anti-scratch and anti-fog K and N coatings, employees can wear their eyewear all day, every day greatly reducing the risk of eye injuries.


K = Anti-scratch treatment applied to the surface of the lens whose hardness is a barrier against superficial damages that can impair vision.


N = Anti-mist treatment, which due to its chemical and physical abilities, prevents the formation of condensation by absorbing the humidity drops.


Both K and N coatings are permanent and offer performance to the standards required by EN166.

All Inclusive Prescription Pack



What are the obligations for companies?

- To identify all the risks in the workplace and assess the level of risk 

- To eliminate the risk, set up protection measures for all the employees and, if this is not possible or is insufficient, provide personal protective equipment

- Consult the company health and safety officer

- Select PPE adapted to the risks to be covered and check the validity of this choice

- Inform employees of the risks, the conditions for use of the PPE and the instructions

- Train employees in the use of PPE

- Provide employees with their own PPE free of charge

- Ensure the PPE is actually used and is used properly

- Ensure the condition of the PPE remains compliant

- Check some PPE regularly 



Bolle All Inclusive Prescription Pack


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