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Reusable WypAll® Cloths


Making the right wiping choice


Selecting the correct wiping solution in industrial environments can positively impact business objectives, enhance productivity, increase operational efficiencies and contribute to an improved sustainability story through the reduction of waste.


The ‘Who Would You Hire?’ campaign from Kimberly-Clark Professional™ encourages a transition from rags and laundered cloths to products specifically engineered for particular wiping tasks. It challenges you to apply the same rigorous standards you use in hiring an employee to 'hiring' a wiping solution. Why? Because it’s a decision that will help you improve productivity, increase efficiency and reduce waste.


Our range of reusable WypAll® Cloths have been designed to deliver task-specific performance – for improved absorbency, superior oil and grease removal and tough scrubbing and cleaning jobs.

WypAll® ForceMax
WypAll® X80 Cloths
WypAll® X60 Cloths


• WypAll® ForceMax Industrial Cloths: the bulky rag replacement, great for heavy-duty oil & grease wiping - absorbs 40% more oil and 5x faster than rags2


• WypAll® X80 Cloths: our strongest cloth for heavy-duty rough surface wiping - highly absorbent, strong and durable when wet or dry.


• WypAll® X60 Cloths: our most versatile light-duty wiper, perfect for a wide range of tasks


WypAll® Cloths – the best hire you’ll make!


Across the WypAll® Range, a choice of performance options, formats and dispensing solutions are available to find the wiping solution that is tailored to your exact needs and tasks. The entire range features Kimberly-Clark Professional’s trademarked Hydroknit™ technology that blends recycled cotton fibres, soft, absorbent cellulose and tear-resistant polypropylene. The cellulose component allows these wiping cloths to absorb water quickly and effectively, while the tear-resistant polypropylene fabric soaks up more than its own weight in oil and grease. The result is perfectly engineered durable solutions with a softer, more cloth-like feel, which can be used wet or dry.


Compare WypAll® against rags or laundered cloths – who will you give the job to?


The #1 user preferred industrial cloth1


Many companies still choose disposable rags and laundered cloths for a wide variety of wiping tasks. Rags and laundered cloths have been popular in the industry for many years, but there are considerably better alternatives available. Re-usable WypAll® Cloths can create an opportunity to improve efficiency and consistency – while at the same time reducing waste and saving money.


®/™Trademarks of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. ©2019 KCWW 1 Results of Hall Test research by Sapio Research Agency July 2017 2 Results of Laboratory Tests July 2017 3 Comparison based on average WypAll® cloths usage vs. average rag usage