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Unveiling Nexus E: Protect, where sustainability meets unmatched performance, setting a new standard for excellence.

Step confidently into the future of helmet technology with Nexus E: Protect, where sustainability and cutting-edge features converge to redefine protection. 

Crafted from responsibly sourced FSC timber and certified with ISCC+, our Polymer embodies traceable fossil-free renewable content derived from vegetable oil refining and cooking oil waste residues, ensuring a conscientious approach to materials and reducing the CO2 footprint. 


Meeting the rigorous BS EN 397:2012+A1:2012 standard, Nexus E: Protect is engineered and tested for optimal safety in diverse environments, offering unparalleled reliability. 

Experience exceptional strength-to-weight ratio with our premium-grade plant-based Polypropylene, providing incomparable wearer protection, while its self-extinguishing composite material adds an extra layer of safety against flame spread. 

Enhanced with an advanced micro-peak for superior visibility and the "Twist 2 Fit" wheel ratchet for a secure fit and amplified head protection, Nexus E: Protect ensures comfort during extended wear with its Dry-Tech Sweatband, offering maximum absorbency and quick drying capabilities. 

Choose Nexus E: Protect for superior performance, safety, and a greener tomorrow.