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Floor Pads & Edging Systems

To compliment the comprehensive Janitorial & Cleaning Supplies range, Greenham supply a collection of Floor Pads & Edging Tools.

19 Products found

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Size 430mm (17"), Colour Black

Size 430mm (17"), Colour Green

Size 430mm (17"), Colour Blue

Size 430mm (17"), Colour Red

Size 430mm (17"), Colour White

Size 405mm (16"), Colour Black

Size 405mm (16"), Colour Green

Size 405mm (16"), Colour Blue

Size 405mm (16"), Colour Red

Size 405mm (16"), Colour White

Size 380mm (15"), Colour Black

Size 380mm (15"), Colour Green

Size 380mm (15"), Colour Blue

Size 380mm (15"), Colour Red

Size 380mm (15"), Colour White

Size 260x95mm (10.6x3.7")

Size 250x110mm , Colour Black

Size 250 x 110cm, Colour Blue

Size 250x110mm (9.8x3.7"), Colour White
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19 Products found