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Thermaline® Thermostatic Road Marking - White
Code: 764718
Thermaline® Thermostatic Road Marking - White
Colour: White
£17.85 exc. VAT  
£21.42 inc. VAT

Product Details
Thermaline® Thermostatic Road Marking - White

Thermaline®, a new preformed thermoplastic road marking, has been developed as part of the EF Series Preformed Thermoplastic product portfolio. Thermaline® complements the road marking programme by its various uses and material makeup. Thermaline® is ideal for areas with lighttraffic. It is an easy to apply, durable and cost effective product for markings on a variety of surfaces. The standard material is composed of a modified hydrocarbon-based binder in conjunction with aggregates, pigments, binders and glass beads.  Flexible product; lines are pliable and can be shaped easily. Good durability and colour stability during the heating process. Designed for parking bays, decorative spaces, playgrounds, and other limited traffic areas. Wide range of colours available to meet any design need. Available in 2 colours.

Manufacturer Ennis-Flint Manufacturer Code TLXF0420002