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Spills can happen anytime and anywhere, and workplaces are not immune to incidents whether minor or significant, regardless of industry or size. Spills can also have serious ecological and socio-economic consequences and are potentially hazardous to workers, the environment, and your organisation. For those reasons, an optimum level of preparedness is required to ensure that any spill is responded to safely, effectively, and efficiently.

If your staff routinely handle liquids as part of their role or uses spill kits and absorbents to deal with spills and leaks, it's vital that they are properly trained and qualified. To support you and your colleagues. We offer a range of specialist courses that show people how to respond effectively to spills in the workplace.

The right training for you.

Whatever your particular requirements. Ecospill has the right training package for you. Places are currently available for our courses, and with us, your staff will learn how to safely use spill products on your site, understand the importance of having a simple, effective, response plan, as well as learn about the impact from environmental pollution.

All are available through Greenham today.