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The skin is the body’s largest single organ, as a result, up to 40% of workers will suffer a skin issue at some point in their working life.


We have a number of ways to help protect your skin in the workplace including dermatologically accredited gloves, sun protection creams, hand cleansers and methods of testing whether your employees are getting the right level of protection.


Fully Coated Nitrile Gloves

Our range of Fully Coated Nitrile Gloves provide protection at the back and palm of the hand. Offers good abrasion resistance and good grip in both oily and dry conditions.


General Handling Gloves

Our range of General handling breathable gloves are low cost but have very good dexterity, flexibility and mechanical strength. They can also be simple design gloves that offer protection from low level risks


Cut Resistant Gloves

Our Range of Cut Resistant Breathable Gloves are designed to protect the wearer's hands from cuts while working with high risks like sharp edged tools and materials. They can be divided into metal mesh gloves, cut and sewn, and seamless knitted gloves.


Cut Resistant Gloves - Specialist Handling

This range of gloves is designed to offer protection from cuts while working with sharp edged tools and materials in more wetter areas such as oily applications whist offering protection from other hazardous materials such as glass and metal objects.


Cold Handling Gloves

Our range of Cold Handling Gloves protects against cold and thermal hazards and extreme temperatures.




The Deb skin care range addresses ALL skin care needs with the world’s most comprehensive and innovative occupational skin car products. By implementing skin care nest practice you can reduce the risk of occupational skin disease, maintain healthy skin, stops the spread of germs and helps reduce sickness.



- Form a protective layer on the skin

- Help to prevent the penetration of contaminants

- Make skin easier to clean


- Removes harmful contaminants and irritants

- Helps prevent occupational dermatitis

- Keeps skin in a healthy condition


- Kill germs

- Do not require the use if water

- Provide a higher level of hand hygiene and skin disinfection



- Help maintain the skin in a healthy condition

- Keep skin soft and supple avoiding dryness

- Help prevent occupational dermatitis

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