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Helping Hand Trigger Litter Picker

Code: 744702
Helping Hand Trigger Litter Picker
Size: 84cm

Product Details

Helping Hand Trigger Litter Picker

The Helping Hand Company introduces the latest version of their effective and original Litterpicker which has been around since the 1950s. Widely used by councils, contractors and volunteer groups, this piece of equipment has been instrumental in clearing streets, workplaces, parks and open spaces from litter for decades. Litter is a common problem in all indoor and outdoor spaces and clearance can often be a trying, strenuous task. The Long Arm Litterpicker is designed to eliminate fatigue and back strain, speeding up litter clearance effectively for complete ease and comfort. Crafted from lightweight materials to be agile and easy to hold as well as store, the Helping Hand Litterpicker is equipped with a rubberised handle for improved grip and a trigger mechanism for practical litter collection. As the world�s bestselling trigger style picker, this is one piece of equipment that serves the environment as well as the user thanks to its ingenious, well-thought design.

Manufacturer The Helping Hand Company Manufacturer Code LP1133